Currently registered students are eligible for TCS services at our main campus location at 1700 North Broad Street, 2nd floor. Individuals who have the primary role of employee at Temple University who are taking classes will be referred to outside providers or the Employee Assistance Program. All members of the Temple community are welcome to use our online referral database [] in order to access referrals to community providers. There are no fees for any assistance provided by TCS.


To make an appointment with us, students are initially seen for a brief assessment interview at the Main Campus location during Walk-in Clinic (WIC) hours.  At that time, the student talks with a counselor about their issue or problem and a decision is made about the most appropriate follow-up to help resolve that problem. Follow-up may involve referral for counseling in one of the units of TCS, referral to other support services within Temple, or referral to other agencies and services in the student's community.

If the decision is made to receive counseling at TCS, the student is then scheduled for a more comprehensive assessment with a counselor who will work with them to address and resolve the issue or problem. For more information, please stop by our offices or contact us by phone at 215-204-7276.

During normal office hours, a counselor is always available for walk-in emergencies. Psychiatric emergency services are available to students 24 hours a day at Temple's Crisis Response Center, located at Episcopal Hospital, call 215-707-2577.


Confidentiality is maintained in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations. Except for the counselors at TCS, no Temple faculty, staff or administrator has any access to student counseling records without written permission from the client, or in emergency situations as prescribed by law.