Group Counseling


TCS offers a variety of groups for undergraduate, graduate and professional school students each semester.  Group therapy can be a powerful, highly effective way to learn new skills and address personal concerns while receiving support and feedback from peers.  Through group therapy, students have the opportunity to gain personal insight, practice change, and connect with others.  Groups are led by knowledgeable therapists who facilitate the growth of each individual member in addition to the group as a whole.

Types of Groups and How to Join

Groups can be structured, unstructured, or semi-structured in their design.  Structured groups are planned ahead of time by the facilitator(s).  Unstructured groups indicate that the students decide the topics of discussion and take a greater level of responsibility in choosing the direction of each session.  Semi-structured groups offer a combination of these two designs.

Skills-based psychoeducational groups primarily involve learning and practicing various skill sets to develop psychological wellbeing. 

Interpersonal process groups often focus on sharing and connecting with peers, while learning about the self and others.  TCS provides these types of groups in two formats of group therapy: drop-in and sign-up. 

Drop-in groups do not require registration and are available throughout the year.  To join, students must go through Walk-In Clinic and obtain a referral.  Students are encouraged to show up to our drop-in groups when they need some support, or want to learn and practice a skill to improve their mental health.  Students do not need to be enrolled in individual services at TCS in order to attend drop-in groups; however, students may be referred to these drop-in groups by their individual therapists.  Drop-in groups may also be helpful for students awaiting their first therapy session (intake) or in between sessions. (please click box on right to learn more about all our drop-in groups, including yoga drop-in)

Sign-up groups require registration and members are asked to commit to attending for the full length of the group.  As each group session builds upon the work of prior sessions, it is important that students are able to participate in the entire series to receive the most benefit.  Additionally, the commitment to remain in the group is an important part of building trust, cohesion, and a sense of safety, which in turn allows people to talk personally and honestly.  The duration of each sign-up group varies and is indicated in the group description. 

  •  To join a sign-up group, students must go through Walk-In Clinic and attend a group screening appointment, in which the group therapist and student determine if the group is an appropriate fit for the student’s needs.  Students do not need to be enrolled in individual services to join a sign-up group; however, some sign-up groups require that members also participate in individual therapy.

Available Drop-In Groups for Fall 2018

Breaking Free

This group focuses on learning to break away from negative thoughts and feelings by implementing behavior change and challenging negative though processes.  This ultimately results in a more balanced way of thinking as well as an increase in positive experiences and emotions.

When: Tuesdays at 4pm; Fridays at 9am.


This structured psychoeducational 50-minute group provides students with education and practice in mindfulness, which increases personal awareness and self-compassion while training attention.  Students may choose to participate during these sessions as much or as little as they want.  Each week, a different set of strategies from Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction is explored for a total of 8 lessons.  Each lesson is designed to stand alone; however, it is most beneficial to attend the full series.  The series is offered twice each semester, allowing students to attend sessions as their schedules permit. 

When: Mondays at 1pm; Wednesdays at 5pm

Be Effective

This structured psychoeducational 50-minute group offers specific strategies to cope with intense feelings, manage emotions, and improve relationships.  Students may choose to participate during these groups as much or as little as they want.  Each week, a different set of strategies from Dialectical Behavior Therapy is discussed for a total of 8 lessons.  Each lesson is designed to stand alone; however, it is most beneficial to attend the full series.   The series is offered twice each semester, allowing students to attend sessions as their schedules permit. 

When: Tuesdays at 11am; Fridays at 3pm

Live Well

This structured psychoeducational 50-minute group helps students learn how to move toward their values in life while lessening their suffering from difficult thoughts and feelings.  Students may choose to participate during these groups as much or as little as they want.  Each week, a different set of strategies from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy is reviewed for a total of 8 lessons.  Each lesson is designed to stand alone; however, it is most beneficial to attend the full series.  The series is offered twice each semester, allowing students to attend sessions as their schedules permit. 

When: Mondays at 10am; Thursdays at 3pm

Love Yourself

This group will help students develop understanding as well as skills to be kinder with themselves during times of suffering.

When: Wednesdays at 2:30pm

Finding Your Focus

This group offers education and techniques aimed to manage inattention, procrastination and stress, which helps increase productivity and academic success.

When: Tuesdays at 2pm

Yoga and Meditation Drop-In Groups

These ongoing weekly classes focus on connecting the mind and body to improve overall mental, emotional and physical well-being.  These classes are appropriate for all levels.  


Yoga Classes


Awaken Yoga (60 min)


This class is appropriate for students who are feeling down, lethargic, and/or having difficulty waking up in the mornings. This class starts out slow, allowing students to gradually awaken their bodies and build energy, confidence and self-worth.

When: Mondays at 8:30am

From Racing To Calm (60 min)

This class is appropriate for those with racing thoughts, excess energy, and difficulty in slowing down.  This class will meet students where they are with a vinyasa yoga asana (pose) practice to start. Students will then be lead into a gradual decrease of effort, easing students into a calm state of body and mind through the use of gentle yoga asana (poses), breath work, meditation and relaxation practices.  Vinyasa is a medium to faster pace class. The breath is used to link poses together creating a more fluid and dance like movement practice.

When: Thursdays at 10:30am

Wind Down (40 min) 

This class combines gentle yoga asana (poses), yin yoga, and Yoga Nidra to soothe the nervous system.  Yoga Nidra is a type of guided meditation also known as Yogic Sleep. Yin classes are slower paced with a focus on relaxation in the body and the quieting of the mind. Poses are mainly done on the floor reclined, seated, or on hands and knees with a longer hold (1-3 min) and a slower deeper breath to help facilitate the down regulation of the nervous system. This class can help students to decrease stress levels, unwind, and have a good night’s rest.


When: Wednesdays at 6:30pm 


Mindful Movement (50 min)


In this practice you will be guided through a series of gentle stretches to practice mindfulness. The emphasis is on cultivating awareness rather than moving the body in any ideal way. You will be encouraged to remain present and aware of body sensations, thoughts and feelings that arise with an open and nonjudgmental attitude.

When: Thursdays at 9:30am

Stress Less Yoga (50 min)

This gentle meditative flow will help students unwind after a stressful day. Students can clear their minds and let the tension melt away with this 50 minute yin based practice.

When: Tuesdays at 6:30am


Meditation Classes


Breathe (30 min)

Students will learn a variety of meditation techniques and types to find the right one for their personality and needs. This series will focus on guided meditations aimed to help students develop a personal practice.

When: Tuesdays at 12:00pm

Intermediate Meditation (30 min)

Students with an existing meditation practice will be provided a space with an intentional use of silence to increase inquiry.

When: Mondays at 1pm

Reiki Share (30 min)

Participants will receive Reiki for decreased stress and improved quality of life in a quiet, community setting.

When: Thursdays at 9am


Guidelines for Your First Drop-In Yoga/Meditation Class


Arrival:  Please arrive 10 minutes early for your first class to sign the release form and speak with the teacher about your specific needs so the appropriate modifications can be offered.  For students with any physical concerns/injuries or students that are pregnant, this is required.


Clothing: Loosely fitted clothing that allows for movement.  Shirts are required. Shoes and socks are not to be worn unless medically necessary.  Layered clothing is suggested as students often feel cold towards the end of class.


Bring: Yoga mats are available on a first come, first serve basis.  Students can also bring their own mat or towel to practice on. A water bottle is also suggested.  If you prefer to practice with props, please bring your own.


Food:  Unless otherwise advised, try not to eat a large meal in the hour before class.  


Phones:  Please silence or turn off your phone prior to class.


Ability Level:  All classes taught at TCS are for a variety of ability levels.  Modifications are offered for many of the poses so the students can choose what works best for their body in that moment.  If a student would like a modification and one is not offered, or the offered modification is not appropriate for them, they are encouraged to ask about alternatives.


Sign-up Groups for Fall 2018

Trauma Sensitive Yoga (60 min)

This is an 8 week closed yoga group that gradually builds a student’s ability to choose, feel connected and empowered, and develop a positive relationship with their body. (Registration and screening is required)

When: Thursdays at 1:30pm (10/4 to 11/29)

Koru (75 min)

This is a 4 week closed group that introduces and practices mindfulness and meditation skills. Students will learn to better manage stress and live more fully in the present moment. (Registration and screening is required)

When: Thursdays at 3:00pm (10/4 to 10/25)

Understanding Self and Others (USO)

This group offers a powerful way to learn about ourselves and how we relate to others. Members will work through a variety of issues that lead to psychological distress, while gaining support and feedback from others.


When: Mondays 3-4:30pm; Wednesdays 10-11:30am


Survivors Group

This is a group for women survivors of sexual violence who experienced sexual violence between 6 months and 4 years ago. This group gives students a confidential space to discuss the impact of these experiences and to receive validation and encouragement.


When: Wednesdays 3:30-5pm


Queer-Identified Process Group

This group is for students who self-identify along the sexual and/or gender spectrum. The purpose of this group is to explore common issues of LGBTQ+ individuals including coming out, dating, sexuality, gender identity and expression, discrimination, and personal growth.


When: Tuesdays 5-6:30pm


Grief and Loss Group

This group is designed to provide a safe space for students who are grieving the death of a loved one. The group will address expectations of the grief process, coping skills and self-care, and common responses to loss.


When: Wednesdays 3-4:30pm


Chronic Illness & Medical Issues Group

This group is designed for students with chronic illnesses and medical conditions.  The purpose of this group is to give students a safe and confidential space to explore and process common issues, concerns, and challenges that they face.  Specifically, we will explore topics such as adjustment, social impacts, self-advocacy, the emotional impacts of coping with chronic illness, and managing chronic illness independently.


When: Wednesdays 6-7:30pm


Eating Concerns and Body Image Group 

This group is for all-gender students to process their thoughts and emotions related to negative body image and disordered eating, and to develop greater understanding of how these issues affect their lives. Medical stability is required.

When: Thursdays 11-12:30 pm

Mindfulness-Based Strengths Practice 

This is an 8-session group that presents a unique angle to living one’s best life, re-discovering happiness, achieving goals, finding deeper meaning in life engagement, and coping with problems. It includes discussions, meditation, strength practices, and weekly exercises.


When: Mondays 1:30-3pm, starting 9/10/18


Graduate Student Group

This group offers graduate students from any field an opportunity to discuss the challenges and struggles of graduate life while gaining support and feedback.

When: Tuesdays 9-10:30am


Social Xchanges

This group addresses the recreational/leisure/social needs of students who carry a diagnosis of being on the Autistic Spectrum. The first hour is a discussion to help group members share their challenges. The second hour is an activity planned by the group members.

When: Fridays 4-6pm


Men's Group

This group offers a unique opportunity for male-identified students to learn about themselves and how they relate to others. Group members will explore concerns common to men, including issues of masculinity, gender roles, dating and sexuality, and mental health stigma. Together group members will address issues that contribute to psychological distress and dissatisfaction in their relationships.


When: Wednesdays 5-6:30pm


Building Social Confidence

This group is ideal for individuals who experience anxiety in social situations. Group members will learn and practice various skills as well as process and work through other areas of distress. This will be done is a safe environment with others who may share similar difficulties.


When: Thursdays 1-2:30pm


Woman to Woman

This women’s process group provides a comfortable, accepting and safe space for members to share individual concerns while supporting each other. Members can explore self-awareness, personal challenges, and relationships.

When: Friday 2-3:30pm