TCS offers a variety of groups for students each semester. Group therapy can be a powerful, highly effective way to learn new skills and address personal concerns while receiving support and feedback from peers. Through group therapy, students have the opportunity to gain personal insight, practice change, and connect with others. Groups are led by knowledgeable therapists who help facilitate the growth of each individual member in addition to the group as a whole.


Types of Groups and How to Join

Groups can be structured, unstructured, or semi-structured in their design. Structured groups are planned ahead of time by the facilitator(s). Unstructured groups indicate that the students decide the topics of discussion and take a greater level of responsibility in choosing the direction of each session. Semi-structured groups offer a combination of these two designs.


Skill-Based Therapy Groups


These groups primarily involve learning and practicing various skill sets to develop psychological wellbeing. Skill-based therapy groups are available throughout the year, are 50-minutes long,  and the student decides which group they want to attend and how often. Students may choose to participate during these sessions as much or as little as they want. Each week, a different set of skills is learned and practiced for a total of 8 sessions. Each session is designed to stand alone; however, it is most beneficial to attend the full series. The series is offered twice each semester, allowing students to attend sessions as their schedules permit.


TCS also offers a variety of yoga and meditation sessions. These ongoing weekly sessions focus on connecting the mind and body to improve overall mental, emotional and physical well-being. Sessions are appropriate for all levels.


To join any skill-based therapy group, students must complete the Initial Consultation and obtain a referral. Students are encouraged to attend skill-based therapy groups when they need support and want to learn and practice a skill to improve their mental health. Students do not need to be utilizing individual services at TCS in order to attend skill-based therapy groups; however, students may be referred to these groups by their individual therapists. Skill-based therapy groups may also be helpful for students awaiting their first therapy session or in between sessions.


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Connecting and Relating Interpersonal Process Groups


Interpersonal process groups often focus on sharing and connecting with peers, while learning about the self and others. Members are asked to commit to attending for the full length of the group; this is typically at least one semester. As each group session builds upon the work of prior sessions, it is important that students are able to participate in the entire series to receive the most benefit. Additionally, the commitment to remain in the group is an important part of building trust, cohesion, and a sense of safety, which in turn allows people to talk personally and honestly.


To join a process group, students must complete an Initial Consultation and attend a group screening appointment, in which the group facilitators and student determine if the group is an appropriate fit for the student’s needs. Students do not need to utilize individual services to join a process group; however, some groups require that members also participate in individual therapy.


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