Group Therapy, Skills Classes, & Therapeutic Yoga and Meditation

TCS offers a variety of therapy groups, skills classes, and therapeutic yoga and meditation classes each semester. Group-based care is a powerful and highly effective way to address personal concerns and learn additional skills for coping and thriving. Members receive individualized support and feedback from their group therapists, as well as peers sharing similar goals, identities, and life experiences. Students share that they come away from group-based care at TCS with new insights and capacities to meet life’s challenges, as well as a greater sense of connection. Sessions are offered Monday-Friday, 9 AM-7 PM, both online and in person.

Therapy Groups

Group therapy is an effective treatment for many mental health concerns. It offers social support and opportunities to gain insight and practice skills for wellbeing in contexts that often more closely mirror everyday life than 1-on-1 individual therapy. In this way, gains made in group therapy can contribute to lasting change. Group therapy is a highly recommended treatment for concerns with interpersonal dimensions (e.g., social anxiety, isolation, loss, life transitions, identity-based stress or harm, and challenges involving friendships, family, or dating), and is also effective for depression, generalized anxiety, post-traumatic stress, modifying substance use, and many other concerns (American Psychological Association, 2012; learn more).

Most groups at TCS offer interested students a short 1-on-1 meeting with the group leaders before sessions begin to ensure fit and allow them to learn more about the group. Please note, some groups fill during the first several weeks of the semester and do not accept new members until the next semester. However, many groups also remain open throughout the semester. (Groups and classes open throughout the semester are marked with an asterisk in the schedule below.) If you are interested in participating in a particular therapy group, skills class, or yoga/meditation offering, please contact Tuttleman Counseling Services (215-204-7276) to schedule a brief screening.

Skills Classes

Skills classes are designed to teach particular psychological skills (e.g., mindfulness, distress tolerance, interpersonal effectiveness, boundary-setting, organization/time management) that help alleviate common mental health concerns. These include anxiety, depression, mood swings, ADHD, and distress in dating relationships, family relationships, and friendships. Overall, skills classes offer a place to learn new psychological tools tailored to your goals. They are available both online and in person. Students have shared that participating in our skills classes reduces their daily stressors and improves their problem-solving and self-confidence. Most are offered in a drop-in format (i.e., attend as you want throughout the semester). You may join at any time. They are a therapeutic service that is free and non-credit-bearing.

Therapeutic Yoga & Meditation

Weekly yoga and meditation sessions focus on connecting mind and body to improve overall mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing. All TCS yoga and meditation offerings are trauma-informed and are appropriate for all levels, including beginners! 

Emotions override thoughts, every time. Yoga and mindfulness invites us to notice our feelings through a regular practice of quieting the mind, allowing the subtle sensations of the body to arise. Connecting mind and body through somatic-based practices like yoga and meditation can help to reduce stress, increase distress tolerance, focus the mind, manage difficult emotions, stabilize mood, and selfsoothe, creating a greater sense of peace and serenity.

Please review the Spring 2023 yoga and meditation guidelines for your first session. Please also complete the required Yoga Release Form.


Group, Skills Class, & Yoga/Meditation Schedule By Day


Descriptions of all groups, skills classes, and yoga and meditation offerings, as well as facilitator information, are included in the Spring ’23 Group & Skills Class Brochure at the end of this webpage. See the table below for page numbers.






Mindfulness-Based Strengths Practice (10-10:50 AM, online, pg. 12)*

Live Well (ACT-informed, 9-10 AM, online, pg. 4)*

Grad Group (9-10:30 AM, in-person, pg. 7)

Creative Coping Art Therapy Group (9-10:30 AM, in-person, pg. 10)*

Grief Circle (2-3 PM, in-person, pg. 6)*

Healthy Connections (11 AM-12 PM, online,pg. 5)*

Finding Your Focus (ADHD Group; 10-11 AM, online, pg. 12)*

Thriving Through College First-Gen / Low-Income Group (11 AM-12 PM, online)*

Mindfulness-Based Strengths Practice (9-9:50 AM, online, pg. 12)*

Social X-Changes (Autism Spectrum Group; 4-6 PM, in-person, pg. 9)*

Live Well (ACT-infomed; 11 AM-12 PM, online, pg. 4)*

Understanding Self and Others (10:30 AM-12 PM, in-person, pg. 7)

Mindful Moment (12-12:30 PM, online, pg. 14)*

Queer Process Group (10:30 AM-12 PM, in-person, pg. 9)


Finding Your Focus (ADHD Group; 1:30-2:30 PM, online, pg. 12)*

Peaceful Embodiment Yoga (10:30-11:30 AM, in-person, pg. 13)*

Survivor’s Group (4-5:30 PM, online, pg. 7)

Family Matters (1-2:30 PM, online, pg. 10)*


Understanding Self and Others (2-3:30 PM, online, pg. 7)

Yoga for Healing (11:30 AM-12:30 PM, in-person, pg. 13)*

Grad Group (5:30-7 PM, online, pg. 7)

Conversations in ACTion (1-2:30 PM, online, pg. 12)*


Yoga For Healing (2:30-3:30 PM, in-person, pg. 13)*

Conversations in ACTion (1-2:30 PM, online, pg. 12)*


International Student Group (1:30-3 PM, in-person, pg. 9)*


Be Effective (DBT-informed; 4-5 PM, online, pg. 5)*

Stress Less Yoga (2-3 PM, in-person, pg. 13)*


Stress, Substances, & Coping (3-4:30 PM, online, pg. 10)


Stress Less Yoga (4-5 PM, in-person, pg. 13)*

Breaking Free (CBT-informed; 3-4 PM, in-person, pg. 6)*


Anxiety Class (4-5 PM, online, pg. 3)*


Black Student Support Group (5-6:30 PM, online, pg. 8)*

Mindfulness-Based Strengths Practice (3-4:30 PM, online, pg. 11)


*Accepts new members throughout the semester. Please note that groups not marked with an asterisk stop accepting new members after the first several weeks of the semester. If you are interested in learning more about a particular group or skills class, please contact Tuttleman Counseling Services (215-204-7276) to schedule a brief screening.



TCS Group Therapy & Skills Class Brochure - Spring '23