Welcome to Tuttleman Counseling Services

TCS is currently offering counseling services remotely at this time. 

If you are a new student to TCS and interested in speaking to a counselor please click HERE to access services.

If you have been seen at TCS in the past and are interested in speaking to a counselor please call 215-204-7276 and leave your name, phone number, email address and a message.

If you are a current client who has had an initial assessment and needs to reach your counselor please call 215-204-7276.  You do not need to complete initial data forms again unless we determine your information is outdated.

If this is an emergency please go to your nearest psychiatric emergency center or call 911 for assistance, or 215-204-1234 to reach Temple police if you live close to main campus.

If you are a student at Temple University, Tuttleman Counseling Services offers support for your mental health needs. A listing of many of the issues that students come for help with can be found in the Self-Help section of this website. The Self-Help page is also an informational resource for you to begin to learn more about a variety of mental health topics and educational or vocational concerns.  Assistance is confidential and free of charge.  We provide an atmosphere that is informal and professional, where you can feel safe and comfortable seeking help.