Individual Therapy

Group Therapy

CASA-related therapy and support groups are offered each semester and with consideration of student interest and need.  Past groups have included an alcohol/substance use risk reduction group and an ACOA group. 
For a list of our current group offerings and descriptions, please go to

Psychiatric/Medication Services

Individual Psychoeducational Sessions (i.e., the Track 3 session)

These sessions are specifically for students who have violated Temple’s Student Code of Conduct and who have been asked to complete a Track 3 psychoeducational session with a counselor in the CASA unit.

Consultation/Referral Services

Consultation and referral coordination are provided to individuals in need of treatment that is beyond the scope of what is available at TCS.  Potential referrals may include those to other departments within the University, outside agencies/organizations, sober-living environments, and support groups that meet off campus (e.g., AA, NA, ACOA, OA, and GA).