Group Therapy & Skills Classes

TCS offers a variety of therapy groups and skills classes each semester. Group-based care is a powerful and effective way to address personal concerns and learn new skills for coping and thriving. Members receive individualized support and feedback from their group therapists, as well as peers sharing similar goals, identities, and life experiences. Students share that they come away from group-based care at TCS with new insights and capacities to meet life’s challenges, as well as a greater sense of connection. Sessions are offered Monday-Friday, 9 AM-6:30 PM, both online and in person.


Therapy Groups


Group therapy is an effective treatment for many mental health concerns. It offers social support and opportunities to gain insight and practice coping skills in contexts that often more closely mirror everyday life than 1-on-1 individual therapy. Group therapy is a highly recommended treatment for concerns with interpersonal dimensions (e.g., social anxiety, isolation, loss, life transitions, identity-based stress or harm, and challenges involving friendships, family, or dating), and is also effective for depression, generalized and social anxiety, post-traumatic stress, modifying substance use, and many other concerns (American Psychological Association, 2012; learn more).


Most groups at TCS offer interested students a short 1-on-1 meeting with the group leaders before sessions begin to ensure fit and allow them to learn more about the group. 


Skills Classes


Skills classes are designed to teach psychological tools (e.g., grounding, mindfulness, distress tolerance, boundary-setting, organization/time management) tailored to your goals and that are helpful in alleviating a range of common mental health concerns. Skills classes meet on Zoom in 4-week and 6-week formats, and you may join any week of the semester. Students have shared that participating in our skills classes has reduced their daily stressors and improved their problem-solving and self-confidence. They are a therapeutic service that is free and non-credit-bearing.


Group & Skills Class Schedule By Day


Descriptions of all groups and skills classes offerings, as well as facilitator information, are included in the Fall ’23 Group & Skills Class Brochure at the end of this webpage. See the table below for page numbers.







MBSP in the RRC (10-11 AM, Zoom, pg. 8)

Anxiety Class (12-1 PM, Zoom, pg. 5)

Unstuck Depression/Burnout Skills Class (1-2 PM, Zoom, pg. 6)

MBSP in the RRC (9-10 AM, Zoom, pg. 8)

Grief Circle (3-4:30 PM, In-person, pg. 6)

Breaking Free  (CBT-informed; 12-1 PM, Zoom, pg. 5)

Accountability with Kaitlyn & Rob (2:30-3:30 PM, in-person, pg. 8)


Breaking Free  (CBT-informed; 12-1 PM, Zoom, pg. 5)

Social X-Changes (4-5 PM, followed by optional outing, WRC/Student Center, pg. 9) *non-clinical

Understanding Self and Others (2-3:30 PM, in-person, pg. 7)

Stress, Substances, & Coping (2:30-4 PM, in-person, pg. 7)


Understanding Self and Others (2:30-4 PM, Zoom, pg. 7)


Anxiety Class (4-5 PM, Zoom, pg. 5)

Healing from Family Challenges (3-4:30 PM, in-person, pg. 7)


Heart Space (3:30-4:30 PM every other week beginning 9/14, in-person, WRC/Student Center, pg. 9) *non-clinical


Black Student Support Group (5-6:30 PM, Zoom, pg. 8)

Queer Process Group (3-4:30 PM, in-person, pg. 8)


Unstuck Depression/Burnout Skills Class (4-5 PM, Zoom, pg. 6)


Healthy Connections (3:30-4:30 PM, Zoom, pg. 7)


Be Effective (DBT-informed; 4-5 PM, Zoom, pg. 6)


Live Well (ACT-informed, 4-5 PM, Zoom, pg. 6)



Group & Skills Class Brochure (Fall 2023)

Descriptions and Facilitator Information


TCS Group Therapy & Skills Class Brochure - Fall '23