Getting Started

The Decision to Seek Counseling and What to Expect

Many college students seek professional help when the stresses of life exceed their ability to cope, and the help of family, friends, or partners isn’t available, or isn’t enough. 

The goal of the center is to determine what services are needed to be helpful and then to provide those services or refer you to resources on or off campus to meet your needs. 

The counseling center provides a range of mental health services including:

  • initial assessment
  • group counseling
  • individual counseling
  • psychiatric evaluation
  • medication management
  • assistance with referrals on and off campus,
  • educational outreach
  • Consultation on mental health issues

Each counselor, after an assessment of your needs, will decide what is possible to offer you in terms of the above services or a referral to other providers in the area. The treatment plan is something that clinicians at TCS are responsible for determining. Students should not expect to get the same plan that a friend has been offered. 

Some students are offered one or more of our popular psychoeducational groups that address stress reduction, mindfulness, and gaining life skills. These groups are often offered as the primary treatment. Students may attend these groups as often as they like.

Having a variety of options enables counselors to be thoughtful and efficient in the use of their time and resources and to offer what is needed for each student.

TCS strives to offer the level of service that is clinically indicated. If the level of service indicated is beyond what TCS counselors can provide referrals will be offered to a higher level of care.

Just as we are mindful of the time commitment we make to you, it is greatly appreciated if you too are mindful of the time commitment when using counseling services.  If you must miss a scheduled appointment due to illness or some other reason, please contact your counselor or call the front desk, (215) 204-7276, as soon as you know you will not be able to come in.