Access Services

Getting Started at TCS

If this is an emergency please go to your nearest psychiatric emergency center: (Crisis Response Center -Temple University Hospital - Episcopal Campus  100 East Lehigh Avenue - Philadelphia, PA 19125) or call 911 for assistance, or 215-204-1234 to reach Temple police if you live close to main campus.

Call the counseling center main number (215) 204-7276 if you want to speak to an on-duty counselor to consult about an urgent matter.

New Clients

Thank you for visiting TCS, please note:

  • Only the student requesting services should register (Registration is from 10am-3pm, Monday - Friday).  
  • Most of our services can only be provided when you are located in the state of Pennsylvania.  If you would like continuing services outside of Pennsylvania, please indicate if you would like our office to assist you to find a provider in your area.  
  • If you are generally unable to be seen during our regular business hours, please indicate this on your registration paperwork.
  • Remain on until all forms are completed. 
  • After forms are submitted, you will receive a call from TCS to set up your Initial Consultation session.  The initial consultation is a phone appointment and you will be able to discuss options for treatment with the counselor at that time (which includes services that may exist in-person versus remote on or off-campus). Please plan to be in a confidential & private space for your Initial Consultation phone session. 

It can take 20-30 minutes to register

Please click here Registration and complete section #1

Returning Clients

If you have been seen at TCS in the past and are interested in speaking to a counselor please call 215-204-7276 and leave your name, phone number, email address and a message.

Current Clients

If you are a current client who has had an initial assessment and needs to reach your counselor, please call 215-204-7276 and leave your name, phone number, email address and a message.  You do not need to complete paperwork again unless we determine your information is outdated.

Crisis Support

Please click here for information on crisis support.