Helpful Groups & Links

The Resiliency Resource Center On-Line.  Much useful information and links to sites can be found utilizing our online resources. Issues around anxiety, depression, addictions and managing emotions amongst others can be addressed while either at the Resiliency Resource Center (at TCS) or in the privacy of your own dwelling.


We have a drop-in group running this term that does not require registration, the group can be utilized on a weekly or as needed basis. This is an open group for Temple students to come together to discuss thoughts, feelings, and struggles, and to receive feedback and support from others. While not a therapy group, it is run by TCS counselors and is a supportive and therapeutic space.

Surviving Student Stress Support Group
This is a weekly support group open to students who might need space to discuss general life stressors, transition, academic difficulties, coping with the pandemic, etc. We invite all students from all programs to join us! 

When: Mondays at 1 pm 

Zoom Meeting ID: 917 4697 5516    Passcode: 426928 

Other group information:  The group begins on time and will close to attendees after 10 minutes.  The group has a max of 10 students. 


Free Online Therapy
The following link takes you to which has complied a list of 7 free online therapy services.

Connect to affordable online counseling services.