Case Management and Referral

Tuttleman Counseling Services (TCS) has a list of referrals for therapy and psychiatric services in the Temple and Philadelphia community.  Sometimes students feel more comfortable receiving counseling services off campus or have a request for specialized services not offered at TCS.  Additionally, students may need more frequent counseling sessions or more intensive treatment than TCS is able to offer.  If you would like assistance with a referral you can register for services and meet with a counselor. We recommend you choose at least three treatment options and interview the treatment providers before you meet with them.  Questions to consider include:

  1. Does the provider accept your insurance for payment?
  2. What is the cost to you for therapy sessions?  Is there a cost for sessions not cancelled twenty four hours in advance?
  3. What is the provider’s treatment approach and what can you expect from your therapy appointments?
  4. What is the provider’s experience working with the problems you are experiencing now?  What is the provider’s experience working with college students?
  5. If I need medication in order to manage my symptoms, are there psychiatric services available on site?