We provide culturally sensitive mental health services that support the psychological health of the diverse community of Temple students and thereby their academic success.


Students who visit the counseling center will become increasingly self-aware, more effective at assessing and communicating their needs, more able to cultivate meaning and connection with others, and better equipped to develop practical skills that serve them throughout their lives. We strive to provide services that are inclusive of students with varied identities.

Diversity Statement

Tuttleman Counseling Services has a deep commitment to promoting inclusion and the affirmation of diverse identities.  Our staff places a high value on the dignity and worth of all people. We embrace the richness brought by identities and expressions at the intersections of ethnicity, race, nationality, sexual/affectional orientation, gender, size, age, physical and mental abilities, religion/spirituality, socioeconomic status, and immigration status. We also recognize the immense impact that systemic racism and oppression have on our Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) students' mental health and well being. In this spirit, we strive to foster cultural humility through ongoing training and professional development.  We aim to promote the mental health and well-being of our diverse students in order to foster a healthy Temple community.