The SACE program offers crisis intervention, case management, counseling, and advocacy work for Temple students who have experienced sexual assault, partner violence, childhood sexual abuse, sexual harassment, and/or stalking.  Our mission is to link students to additional resources for ongoing support and assist in establishing a sense of safety for those who are survivors of violence, to provide a space for them to find their voice, tell their story and feel heard, and to restore their connection to themselves and their community.

If you have experienced or have concerns about sexual violence, partner violence, childhood sexual abuse, sexual harassment, and/or stalking, please visit the Walk-In Clinic at TCS to request services from the SACE unit.

TCS offers a support group for survivors of sexual violence.  For additional information, please review TCS’ support group information.

For additional information and education about sexual violence, please contact the Wellness Resource Center:

For additional information regarding Temple University's policy and procedures related to sexual violence, please visit:

For addtional resources related to sexual misconduct, please visit Temple University's Sexual Misconduct Resources page: