What it is

Individual counseling is a cooperative venture between the client and the counselor. The focus is on clarifying the concern, exploring options that may become evident to address the concern, and formulating realistic goals that can provide direction. Students interested in using Tuttleman Counseling Services (TCS) for the first time or when in need of immediate assistance can register for services here  Monday - Friday, from 10 AM to 3 PM. 


Confidentiality is maintained in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations. Except for the counselors at TCS, no Temple faculty, staff or administrator has any access to student counseling records without written permission from the client, or in emergency situations as prescribed by law.

How It Works

Students typically are seen bi-weekly for a 45- to 50-minute session, but may be seen more or less frequently depending on individual needs. The average number of sessions students have per year, including the initial consultation, is between 4 and 6.



All currently-enrolled Temple undergraduate, graduate, and professional school students may use the services at TCS. Counselors will also refer students to mental health resources on campus and in the city that are specific to their needs. There are no fees for any assistance provided by TCS.