For Faculty + Staff

The purpose of this section is to assist faculty and staff in their efforts to enhance the educational and personal achievements of Temple University students by providing some information about situations or circumstances in which Tuttleman Counseling Services might lend assistance.

Students entering the University are called upon to manage the special challenges of academic life in addition to confronting career decisions, learning to integrate into a large and diverse student population, and coping with the stresses of the urban environment. In addition, young adult students are typically developing a personal identity that will mark their maturation from adolescents to adults while living more independently from their families, communities and familiar cultures. Returning adult students often have to cope with the competing demands of family, work and college. Graduate students may experience stress from all of these sources. Every student enters the University with the dream of graduation, however, during such a difficult transitional time, students may need the assistance that professional counseling can provide.

Research evidence suggests that student use of university-based counseling services improves retention rates significantly. It is in recognition of the special needs of Temple students, and through our commitment to meet those needs and support the educational mission of the University, that we offer these referral guidelines.

What is the role of faculty and staff in assisting students who have problems?

A faculty or staff member’s willingness to lend special assistance to a student who is struggling with personal issues is influenced by the personal style and philosophy of the individual. You may be in a unique position to perceive when a student is troubled. Additionally, a student may turn to you for help because they perceive you as knowledgeable, caring and trustworthy. Your timely expressions of interest and concern for their welfare may be a critical factor in helping students identify solutions to their problems. If the problems are many, longstanding, and/or serious, you have the option of calling us for a consultation, referring the student to us for professional counseling, or referring the student for help outside the University system.

Is consultation available?

Members of the Tuttleman Counseling Services staff are available to speak with faculty, students, and employees Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Please tell the receptionist if you believe the situation is an emergency requiring immediate attention. If it is not an emergency, please leave your name and phone number along with the best time to reach you during the day. We will make every effort to return your call within 24 hours. If the focus of the consultation is a concern for an individual, we will discuss the nature of your concern, ways to help you intervene with the individual, and options that are available to help you handle the situation.