If Your Student is in Crisis

A mental health emergency or crisis can be any situation in which a person’s behavior puts them at risk of hurting themselves or others and/or prevents them from being able to care for themselves or function effectively. If your student is experiencing a mental health emergency or crisis, there are several options:

TCS can be reached at 215 – 204 – 7276. During business hours, a professional counselor is always available for consultation and assistance with an emergency. This counselor will provide your student with immediate care and work with them to form a plan to get through this difficult time. Please note that TCS does not do outreach to students, since our services must be entered into voluntarily. If you are concerned about your student, we advise you to encourage them to register with us during registration hours (Mon - Fri; 10am-1:30pm) to initiate services and receive further support. Students residing in Temple residences can also contact their RA or RD for assistance.

After-Hours Support

Our After-Hours Support and Crisis Line can help your student when Tuttleman Counseling Services is closed. Call 215-204-7276. When calling after hours, please listen to the recording and press "1" when instructed. You will be connected with a mental health professional who will help support you and identify resources, if appropriate.  You can also contact TUPD (215-204-1234) and they will transfer you to the mental health crisis service.

In addition, there are a number of services that run 24-hours a day, and these should be contacted instead of TCS during non-business hours in the event of an emergency. Temple Police can be reached at 215 – 204 – 1234. Temple’s Episcopal Hospital Crisis Response Center, located at 100 E. Lehigh Avenue, can be reached at 215 – 707 – 2577. Students that require assistance off-campus should dial 9-1-1 or go to their nearest emergency room. Additionally, there are a number of hotlines available for students to speak with someone immediately.

Care Team

The Crisis Assessment Response and Education (CARE) Team is a special team of individuals from across the University who meet weekly to discuss how to best support students with serious problems and/or safety concerns. The group works diligently to find solutions to potentially dangerous situations by getting students the help and services they need and/or by confronting inappropriate or threatening behavior. The CARE Team can be reached at 215 – 204 – 7188 or by making an online referral. Once a referral is made, The CARE Team may do outreach to your student. Please note that The CARE Team is not for emergencies requiring immediate assistance. When immediate assistance is needed, TUPD or 9-1-1 should be contacted.