Philosophy of Training

Tuttleman Counseling Services (TCS) is dedicated to providing a high quality health service psychology internship experience to graduate students in psychology.  We seek to provide training and service which reflects commitment to ethical principles, sensitivity to cultural issues, and dedication to competence.  Our training model is best described as a practitioner/apprenticeship/developmental/mentor model (Rodolfa, Kaslow, Stewart, Keilin, & Baker, 2005). Our interns are strongly supported and nurtured in their professional growth during their internship year, which is viewed as an essential transitional step in their development as they more fully assume their professional role. The integration of prior learning, including both theory and evidenced-based interventions, with their own personal interests, core beliefs and interpersonal styles is a cornerstone of our training philosophy.  At TCS we create an environment that is respectful of interns and honors their cultural identities and personal contributions.   The development of an increased sense of competence and confidence is given equal weight with the continuing development of clinical skills and knowledge. In addition to formal, structured supervision and training experiences, TCS emphasizes ongoing informal and collaborative relationships with all staff members and an "open-door" policy for consultation throughout the internship experience. Training focuses on the provision of psychotherapy and counseling through various modalities and an increased understanding at a systems level of the complex and valuable role played by a college counseling center at a large, urban university.

Rodolfa, E.R., Kaslow, N.J., Stewart, A.E., Keilin, W. G., & Baker, J. (2005). Internship training: Do models really matter? Professional Psychology: Research and Practice, 36, 25-31.