TCS Services

Tuttleman Counseling Services (TCS) is ready and available to help your student adjust to and manage life here at Temple University. We are experienced in helping students with a wide range of concerns. We provide culturally sensitive and inclusive mental health services that support the psychological health and academic success of the diverse community of Temple students. All currently-enrolled Temple undergraduate, graduate, and professional school students may use the services at TCS. Students who visit us will become increasingly self-aware, more effective at assessing and communicating their needs, more able to cultivate meaning and connection with others, and better equipped to develop practical skills that serve them throughout their lives.

There are no fees for any assistance provided by TCS. TCS offers a variety of services, including short-term individual counseling, group counseling, couples counseling, yoga and meditation, and psychiatric services. We can provide specialized services for addictions and substance use, sexual assault, and eating and body image concerns.

TCS also houses the Resiliency Resource Center, which offers students meditation and mindfulness exercises, relaxation activities, biofeedback, bright light therapy, chair massage, workbooks, and many other resources. To see a video introduction to the Resiliency Resource Center, please click here.

TCS also provides consultations to students, family, friends, faculty, and staff. If you are concerned about your student, we are happy to discuss the nature of your concern with you, ways to help you intervene with your student, and options that are available to help you handle the situation. We also assist with referrals to mental health resources both on campus and in the local area. Sometimes students feel more comfortable receiving services off campus, or they are best served by specialized, longer-term, or more intensive services than TCS is able to offer. Students interested in referrals can come into TCS to meet with a counselor, or utilize our user-friendly referral database.

To initiate any of TCS’ services, students must register Monday – Friday, from 10:00am – 1:30pm. After completing the registration forms, an initial assessment is done by a TCS counselor, and a plan best suited to meet your student’s needs and goals is created. Individual counseling at TCS may or may not be identified as a good fit for your student at this time. 

TCS is located on the second floor of 1700 N. Broad Street, in the same building as Student Health Services.  We are available Monday – Friday 8:00am – 5:00pm.